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Which browsers are supported?

Seismic Tomography Globe is checked by Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

How to save control parameters?

Please click "File-Export config files" on controls. You can restart from the saved parameters by uploading the config file via "File-Import config files".

How to create figures with a transparent background?

Please use external web services, external softwares, or use following ImageMagick command:
convert example.png -transparent white  -fuzz 5% transparent.png

How to directly link contents with specific paramters?

Please use URL query parameters (after ? mark in URL) as below, for example:
(rotationSpeed: Earth's spin rate, crossSection1: Vertical cross-section)
The name of each URL parameter is same as that used in config files, as written in User Guide.

How to convert from config file to URL query parameters?

Please use external web services or use following ad hoc awk command if it works:
cat config_???.json |sed -e 's/#/%23/g' |sed -e 's/,/\&/g'|sed -e 's/ km/%20km/g' | sed -e '1d' |sed -e '$d'| awk -F: '{print $1"="$2 }' |tr -d ' ' |tr -d '\n' |tr -d '\t' |tr -d '"'

How to directly link contents with Japanese controls?

Please use URL query parameters as below:

How to convert a config file for some content (content A) to a one for another content (content B)?

Please upload the content A config file to content B and then download config file after adjusting "Isodepth" and "DateSource" via controls.