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4-D Digital globe, Dagik Earth

What is Dagik?

Please note:

  1. Some files are very large, and could cause troubles of PC. They mostly come from the shortage of PC memory. Please be careful to open several files at once. We will not take any responsibilities for the troubles caused by the files provided through Dagik.
  2. Dagik is a "data-showcase". The files provided through Dagik must be used only for quick-look of data. We don't gurantee the accuracy of the data. The person who is interested in the data should consult the original data to use them. Most of Dagik files have URL links to the databases.
  3. Dagik is for non-commercial usage.
  4. Pronunciation of "Dagik" is similar to "Magic", except for "D" instead of "M".
  5. Google Earth is a registered trademark of Google Inc.